State Licensure

Are you a start up behavioral health substance abuse facility?   The first step in the road to full accreditation is to secure your state license.   The mission of each State Board of Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Services  is to protect the public through effective licensure and enforcement of the statutes and rules governing its licensees to ensure a standard of competent and ethical practice.

Seacrest Resource Center , will guild  you through the process of initial application. Exceeding state requirements with policies and procedures customize to your facilities needs. Seacrest Resource Center will review all clinical documentation for appropriateness meeting your states requirements. Assuring  your facility will achieve licensure and certificate of occupancy.

No matter what state your start up facility is in, Seacrest Resource Center is your consultant for initial state licensure and ongoing support to retain state licensure .

Seacrest Resource Center provides accreditation and quality assurance services to Behavioral Health Care facilities throughout the US. Linda Potere, has served in administrative positions in licensed and accredited community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and substance abuse treatment programs.